5 Ton Floor Jack - Floor Radiators.

5 Ton Floor Jack

5 ton floor jack

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5 ton floor jack - Torin T43002A

Torin T43002A 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

Torin T43002A 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

Torin 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stand features a ratchet type hold for fine adjustment with double locking protection. The one piece multi position ductile ratchet bar provides super strength and durability. The quick adjustment mechanism securely locks it into the desired location. The stands are made of sturdy welded steel construction for superior safety and strength. The dual purpose handle serves as a carry handle and has a saddle column release. The patented design stand has a four legged steel base for added strength.

88% (7)

DSCF0016 copy

DSCF0016 copy

My Ramsey Patriot 15000 chained and lagged into place just inside the container door. Also visible: Orange ground anchor for my Lewis Winch, red 7-ton bottle jack, red 4.5-ton snatch block (pulley) for Lewis Winch, blue 15-ton wrecker snatch block (on floor) to use with big electric winch. The latter, attached to an anchor such as a tree, with cable doubled back and hooked onto winch mount, would double the 7.5-ton load capacity of the electric winch.

Craftsman Floor Jack ($20)

Craftsman Floor Jack ($20)

Comes with: jack, handle, and 2 jack stands

2.5 ton capacity

The jack has a built-in pressure relief valve. Lifting range between 5.5 to 15 inches

Jack stands are adjustable from 10 5/8 inches to 17 1/8 inches; ratchet design adjustment

5 ton floor jack

5 ton floor jack

Powerbuilt 2-1/4 Ton Triple Lift Floor Jack

The new Powerbuilt® Triple Lift jack slashes the expense and hassle of purchasing, maintaining and storing multiple jacks and jackstands. It is the one jack that easily lifts almost anything with wheels, and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials too. The secret to the Triple Lift is the patented design that features both a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This flexible design allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames. A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised, which eliminates the hassle of supporting a lifted vehicle with jack stands.

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